"Promoting clean living and tasteful photography."
Hello future friends and welcome to ƒcene (scene),
    ƒcene is a local digital photography company in Cookeville, Tennessee offering a variety of photographic and video services.
    I am available for hire most of the year. I photograph weddings, live music events, international conventions, summer music festivals, and many other things. If you are interested in my services please use the contact links on the left and don't forget to check out the sample images. Video samples will be on my facebook page. 

***Live Well Photo is now ƒcene. ƒcene is a more concise name and incorporates all the aspects of what I do. Why the ƒ? ƒ in music represents the ƒ hole, ƒ in photography and videography represents the aperture. light and sound both travel through the ƒ hole. ƒ also stands for frame. Each section is a frame. I am working with Google to change the domain and apologize for any confusion.***